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You know those days. Opening the front door is akin to opening a wood fired pizza oven. The thought of holding your fretful baby makes both of you want to cry. Our 'Heat Wave' Unpadded baby sling was designed for those days, but our testers found they used them every day ! Made of premium “Coolmax”, a performance fabric traditionally used in top athletic wear, this lightweight, breathable sling helps keep you and baby cool. Coolmax is a knit with a four channel fibre which speeds moisture to the outer surface, making it fast drying and comfortable.




Unique Features

1. Fast Drying – four channel fibre speeds moisture to outer surface to keep you and baby cool and comfy.

2. Unpadded – to allow complete breathability. As a knit, Coolmax provides soft edges against you and baby.

3. Sleek Style – compact design packs easily for traveling. resists wrinkling, fading and shrinking.

4. Storage – two pockets in the tail carry keys, wallet or even a diaper.

5. Entertainment – clip a toy, keys, etc. on the loop above the rings.

Sling Comparison

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