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Moms asked, and we listened. We heard that while they loved the comfort and adjustability of their Heart to Heart baby sling, moms wanted a smaller, more streamlined sling that was easy to pack for traveling or in a diaper bag, or wearing under a coat. Also, fewer moms were staying home with older babies, so the added width of our 'Original' sling which is wonderful for nursing toddlers was not always necessary, and seen as extra bulk. We also heard that some men did not want to wear a baby sling with the stitched in heart design on the shoulder pad. And so, our 'Compact' Style - Lightly padded sling was designed, retaining all of the fabulous featuresof the Original Style and with a new wide V-line stitch on the shoulder pad and a tail design incorporating two storage pockets.




Unique Features

1. This streamlined shoulder pad contains half of the padding of the original style, but retains the protection for mom and babe with padding under the rings.

2. Safe body width-still offering a deeper pocket than many slings, but shaved down from the original style to present a sleeker silhouette.
Yes, you can still comfortably nurse a toddler!

3. Lightly Padded - Our non-allergenic, high density batting provides just enough support and comfort.

4. Split Tail Design-Easy adjustment and the flatter style tail incorporates two storage pockets for keys, wallet, snacks…

Sling Comparison

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