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Our 'Original' Fully Padded baby sling was born out of a need for a comfortable carrier for my “velcro baby”. It is a generously padded, wider width sling with our unique shoulder design to protect baby’s head and parents chest.

The generous width allows for very discreet breastfeeding–even for older toddlers. Sides that adjust independently mean that your baby is always safely supported-and you have two free hands. And that “velcro baby” is now in his 20’s and very independent, so don’t let anyone tell you you’re spoiling your baby by holding them!

Fully Padded Baby Sling

Unique Features

1. Our double ring fastening system allows for easy adjustment.

2. The rings are placed on top of the shoulder pad to protect baby’s head and parents’ chest.

3. Wider width provides a safe hammock for any size baby/toddler.

4. Generous padding on the shoulder and along the sides for comfortable baby wearing.

5. Because the upper and lower edges can be adjusted independently, the H2H baby sling allows minute adjustments leaving parents truly hands free.

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