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Our goal at Heart to Heart Designs is to provide parents with maximum freedom, comfort and versatility, and to facilitate unencumbered breastfeeding/nurturing relationships. We offer 3 unique baby sling designs to meet the needs of baby carrying parents. The H2H baby sling demonstration DVD is bilingual (English and French) and is free with every sling purchase.

Heart to Heart Baby Sling Comparison Chart


Fully Padded
Original H2H Sling

Lightly Padded
Compact H2H Sling

Heat Wave H2H Sling

Easy to Adjust







Very Good

Hammock width

~ 40 inches

~ 32 inches

~ 28 inches


Excellent – even for 3 year olds !

Excellent – wide tail for extra discretion

Very Good – wide tail for extra discretion



Very Good

Excellent – coolmax fabric


Width provides excellent weight distribution

Width provides excellent weight distribution

Gathered fabric cups the shoulder for comfort

Shoulder Design

Fully padded – stitched heart

Lightly padded - line stitching

Fan fold gathers and loop for attaching toys



Semi closed with 2 pocket sections

Semi closed with 2 pocket sections


Woven – solids or prints in cotton

Woven – solids or prints – cotton, bamboo or silk

Knit – coolmax athletic fabric

Weight Limit

Preemie to 35 lbs.

Preemie to 35 lbs.

Preemie to 35 lbs.


Heart to Heart Baby Slings - Unique Design Features and Benefits

Easy to Adjust – All of our baby slings are fully adjustable with the use of our double rings made of durable nylon. The rings are made to our specifications and each ring is tested for nylon strength. All of our H2H slings allow each side of the sling to adjust independent of the other. Eg.1. A breastfeeding baby can be raised or lowered even one centimeter at a time to assure a good latch. Eg.2. A 6 month old in the hip carry position is safely supported when the top edge of the sling can be tightened, preventing baby from leaning away (plus it is so much easier on the parent’s back!) The adjustability makes for a truly hands free carrier.

Comfort – Our 2 padded slings each have a custom shoulder pad to distribute your baby’s weight, and the adjustability makes for a perfect, comfortable fit. The shoulder pad and side rail padding cushions you and your baby. The unpadded sling has a fan folded shoulder and the sides are stitched under to provide superior comfort for parents and babies.

Hammock – Our Original baby sling was designed to meet the needs of ALL breastfeeding babies – no matter the size. The slimmer cut of the Lightly padded sling is roomy enough for a reclining toddler, but less bulky. The Unpadded sling is sleeker still and perfect for active parents who still want a safe, adjustable sling that is easy to take along.

Breastfeeding – ALL of our slings provide superior adjustability to facilitate several breastfeeding positions (demonstrated on our DVD). I could run after my two year old and still keep the baby latched on! The Lightly padded slings and Unpadded slings can provide extra discretion by using the wider tail as a cover up.

Cool – ALL of our slings are constructed of one layer of breathable cotton, coolmax or bamboo fabric.

Shoulder Design – Our Original and Lightly padded styles both feature the rings on top of the shoulder pad to cushion baby’s head in the upright positions. The Original sports our signature heart, while the Lightly padded has two lines of stitching to keep the batting in place. The Unpadded style cups the shoulder with the “give” of fine knit, plus provides a loop for clipping on baby’s favourite toy or teether.

Tail – ALL tail styles make adjustment easy for a perfect fit. The Lightly padded sling and Unpadded sling styles are wider and feature two pocket sections. You will NOT have to support your baby with one hand.




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