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 E. Gagne, Charlotte, NC, United States

"Your sling is just the best I've ever seen. I've tried all the others on the market here, and I was ready to give up on a sling. I couldn't comfortably nurse my nine month old in any of them. Yours has lots of room for him and the padding is so nice -- I'm just so glad I found you!"
E. Gagne, Charlotte, NC, United States


N. Linn, Brantford, ON, Canada"If you want a cure for colic? This is it!"
N. Linn, Brantford, ON, Canada



"I am so happy with my Heart to Heart baby sling. I started out with the ____(baby sling), but it didn't have enough fabric and the shoulder pad slipped all over the place! In addition, the rings were placed so my son's head would hit them when he fell asleep in the sling. Your sling solved all these problems, and the shoulder pad is just a wonder of engineering."

“Kate is now 10 months old, and although we also have a front carrier, a stroller and a backpack, none of them has carried her as many miles as our Heart to Heart, nor has any other carrier grown with her so easily. As we strolled out onto the solid ice of Ten Mile Bay yesterday, Kait bundled in layers of polar fleece and nylon, I could hug her cold cheeks and didn’t miss a smile because she was right where she belongs: warmly snuggled under my arm.”
Sheila Potter, Peterborough, ON, Canada

Renata, Kingston, ON, Canada"A friend of mine recently commented that our sling looked like it had had a lot of use (hers was still crisp and new). Well I'm happy to say that as a family, we have logged many many miles on our sling, and that it's suppleness is a sign of a well-used and well-loved item. During the early months the sling was a lifesaver because we found that being carried was one of the few things that kept our son happy (consequently I "wore" James as much of the day as possible). By about three months we discovered how to "walk" James to sleep in the sling, and it became an effective way for my husband to help James unwind and drift to sleep (breastfeeding still worked best for me). Over the months the sling has become invaluable for shopping trips, walks in the rain (an umbrella can shield us both), winter excursions, church and late-night meetings. We find that whenever James is tired or over-whelmed by circumstances around him, he welcomes some down-time, next to one of us, in the sling."
Renata, Kingston, ON, Canada

“ Thank you so much for doing what you do. I can’t express enough gratitude toward your company. My Heart to Heart™ baby sling holds a very dear place in my heart. I began using it, when my son was 3 weeks old, right after I brought him home from NICU. Alex, was born 8 weeks early and weighed only 4 lbs. I was able to breast feed and do lots of skin contact, and finally take him home when he was still a very small 4 lbs. 6 oz. Being a stay at home mom the sling has been a lifesaver. I would take Alex everywhere (including the bathroom). I wish that NICU’s would recommend/provide slings to parents of high need babies. The benefits of baby wearing, especially starting right after birth, is amazing and so beneficial for their growth and well being. My son is now almost 25 months and is beautiful and healthy. He is still riding in his sling, nursing away, co-sleeping and is a beautifully attached, healthy toddler. Thank You Again.”
Beth Bronstein


“ Just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying using my sling. I went to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina last week, and I climbed to the top of Jockey’s Ridge sand dunes twice with my 15 month old in the sling. She loved it. Then I wore her right into the ocean so I could keep my hands free to hold onto my 3 year old. After all that, just a rinse and line dry and it was good as new. What a lifesaver ! I share this with you because I want other moms to know how useful slings are, and how well-made this one in particular is.”


“ I received a Heart to Heart™ baby sling as a shower gift and my baby just loves it and so do I. She calms down after I put her in. I believe slings are going to replace those front carriers. Most of the moms in my church use slings because they are just great. Keep up the good work.”
Regina Shea

“ I am so impressed with the quality of my sling. I've seen others that are nice, but this one is top of the line. Not only is it pretty, it's so functional. I think the split tail design and the shoulder pad are the two best innovations, and no other sling I've seen has these. Thanks again.”

“I must tell you I am already so pleased with my sling! My daughter Toni is 15 months old, and she is a very active toddler. I am now 3 Imagemonths pregnant,
and I am getting ready to take a flight across the U.S. With Toni being as active as she is, I have been very nervous about how this trip will go. As
soon as I received the sling I tried it on and put her in it. After some adjustments had been made, she immediately calmed down, and nuzzled in to my
shoulder. It was so wonderful. It is really difficult to get her to be calm and still since she stopped breast-feeding! I think this reminded her of the
closeness we shared for so many months. It was great. Thank you for bringing that back to us. What a fantastic sling!!!”

Angela Korte

“I do like the padded part of the H2H. It has served many purposes besides comfort. Last night I went on a rare dinner date with hubby and baby who slept the whole evening in H2H on the bench seat between us with the padded part standing upright (which can't be done with a soft sling) as a bit of a barrier from rolling off, drafts, noise, privacy, etc... I've often used the padded part as a pillow for resting preschoolers or even a wedge to hold sitting baby up or in place, etc...”
love ya! ;-), hugs,

“Aloha, I just wanted to pass on my most sincere thanks for the sling! I love it! It is better than I would have ever thought! It is wonderful!! Mahalo Nui Loa!!”
Rachel Struempf

“Hi, I bought a heart to heart sling when my daughter was 7 months old! we love it. I wear it all the time and sometimes she falls asleep in it even in loud places! We wear it everywhere, on our recent trip to New York City I had her in it 90% of the time. It was so much easier than bringing the stroller on the subway. Your sling has saved my back! I used to use a traditional "snuggli" but it hurt my back so badly I can't wear it at all anymore. Harper is now 11 months old, and we will be using the sling for a long time. Slings seem to be a best kept secret around Edmonton. I feel like when I see another mom wearing a sling we belong to a secret society who knows something very special. We always just smile and nod!” happy baby wearer J
Lindsey Campbell

Image“I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful product. My little Evelyn is a very attached baby, and at 20 pounds a very heavy baby 8-). She loves to 'help' with the chores and just be with Mom. Until your product my back was starting to give out, now we can go all day! The padding is in all the right places and Evy loves it. The Heart to Heart Sling also gave me the confidence to breastfeed in public. Before if Evelyn was hungry we would go out to the car; which would take time. Now we just 'plug-in' and continue to shop. We have eaten at J.C Penny's in the states, Walmart and Zeller's in North Bay and no one gives us a second look!! Evelyn's happy, I am happy and my hubby's happy. This is a product that I will be recommending to anyone I know who is having a baby. Only wish I had ordered mine sooner! Thanks again.”
Jennifer Williamson
Sprucedale, Ontario

“Hi, this sling is a present for my sister in law, who is expecting her first baby. My brother is in a wheelchair, so I am very much hoping that this will be helpful for him as well. I have a baby sling, that I loved so much, that now my kids are grown, it is in my keepsake box. I have so many happy memories of wearing my kids! My littlest used to laugh and clap every time she saw the sling come out. They are wonderful!”

"I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your product is.  When my second child arrived, I was met with the two-fold challenge of caring for a boisterous toddler while trying to meet  the needs of a very cuddly newborn who wanted to be swaddled and held CONSTANTLY.  Moreover, a serious car accident during my teenage years left me with debilitating and sometimes painful muscle damage to most of the upper right side of my body.  I purchased one of those VERY complicated and expensive front carriers.  My 8-pound son - with legs and arms free - flailed and screamed the whole time he was in there.  What's worse, the next day my back and shoulders were so inflamed that I wasn't able to lift my arm, let alone my children.

Another mom mentioned that I might want to try your product.  I had feelings of trepidation - I couldn't belive such a simple design would meet my needs - but it exceeded them!  The first time I put my little boy in the sling, he fell asleep and stayed that way for two hours while I played dress-up with my two-year-old daughter  What's more, I experienced NO pain.

This is THE BEST baby product I have purchased.  My son, daughter AND I all agree - your sling has been a lifesaver.

Many, many thanks!
Jen Peace

P.S. - My husband would like to thank-you as well - we purchased the sling in the houndstooth green pattern, and he feels it's sufficently masculine - he can wear it with pride : )"

Hi Bev,
I received my H2H sling on Oct. 15 and I have to tell you, I LOVE IT!  It's only been a couple of days but I have used it everywhere and all the time.  I can't believe I didn't have this for my 4 older children.  The great thing is, I can still use it for our next youngest son as well when he is tired of walking or sleepy and the baby is not in it.  I love it so much, I am already trying to decide what other style and colours I want next.



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