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Comparison of baby slings

ImageThe feedback that we received from Parents and Distributors over the years was instrumental in the design changes that were made to help us meet the baby carrying needs of our customers. Our goal was to provide maximum freedom and comfort for both the parent and the baby, who would often be carried into the toddler ages at 2 ½ years to 3 years old. We learned that many of the baby carriers on the market had a very limited usage time, that the level of comfort provided was unsatisfactory, the safety of the baby was a concern and the need for discreet breastfeeding was important. Also, the growing child would require the carrier to be versatile to accommodate changes in positioning, yet simple in design so that it would be easy to use. Armed with all of this feedback we made important design changes.

10 REASONS WHY  … Experienced baby sling wearers have told us they prefer the Heart to Heart™ (H2H) baby sling
1. The H2H has a unique shoulder design which is less cumbersome and does not restrict arm movement. The rings are on top of the shoulder pad and protect both mom’s breast and baby’s head. 4. Nylon Rings – H2H uses tested nylon rings made of superior strength that provide durability, lucid adjustability and grip the fabric securely.

2. Split tail design – offers infinite adjustment – the upper or lower edge may be independently adjusted for a perfect fit. The adjustability is essential for properly supporting baby’s spine and head. Many slings just give the illusion of adjustment.

 5. Wider width body – the deeper pocket expands to 40 inches wide and accommodates even a sleeping toddler up to 35 lbs. There is enough fabric for discreet nursing or to cover up baby in inclement weather.

3. Best Padding – we use consistent high density batting that is resilient wash after wash, is flame retardent and non allergenic. The H2H is fully padded at the sides and shoulders for extra comfort, protection and head support and is not bulky around the upper back and shoulders.



6. Wide choice of quality fabrics – conservative, classic or stylin’, we have fabrics made of 100% soft breathable cotton to suit you !

7. Quality construction – one mother told us of carrying a sick 4 year old ¾ of a mile home. The H2H baby sling is designed to distribute the baby’s weight across the shoulders and back for parents’ comfort, allowing your baby to be held for longer periods of time.

8. Easy care – machine wash and hang dry – mostly 100 % cotton fabrics. The sling is lightweight for easy storage in a purse or diaper bag.

9. Demonstration DVD (10 min.) parents are taught how to utilize their sling to its full potential, learn how to wear the sling and use many different positions that allow baby to see the world, snuggle in for nap or nurse at will.

10. The H2H baby sling is a complete baby carrier …designed by a mother of four with improvements from continuous field testing since 1989 on thousands of babies.

*** New 10 minute H2H baby sling Demonstration DVD is now available in both English and French and is Free with every sling purchase !!!
 Physical and Psychological Benefits :
  1. Baby’s spine is supported; legs are kept together during the early weeks when the pelvis is developing.Image

  2. Heart to Heart baby sling leaves both hands free for work or play while baby enjoys the security of a parent’s closeness (not to mention the great view).

  3. Babies love and need to be held ! Your baby can enjoy the security and warmth of mom throughout the day; a baby who is carried more, cries less and develops well. Great opportunity for dad to bond with baby too!

  4. The H2H sling allows you to respond to your baby’s feeding needs immediately while giving you the privacy you desire.

  5. So easy to put on and take off, your sleeping baby can easily be moved to a bed or car seat without waking.




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