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H2H Baby Sling - Positions

Putting on your H2H baby sling : To begin, ensure the tail passes through both rings from the back, then slip the tail over the top ring and through the bottom ring, pulling it to the position you need. The Heart to Heart baby sling can be worn on either shoulder. Put one arm through the sling, slip it over your head so the shoulder pad rests on the ball of your shoulder. The unique split-tail design allows you to snug your baby close to your centre of gravity making your baby feel up to 25% lighter.                                                                                                                                     

English - HeartBabySlingDemonstration - View on YouTube -     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWUFh8xyhDw  Part 1 (10:00 min.) Part 2 (1:22 min.) 

French - Heart Porte-bebe en bandouliere - Part 1 - YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoPYy_QQIvI   (10:00 min.) Part 2 (3:26 min)

H2H Instructional DVD - Click on any of the following short video clips to view excerpts from our H2H baby sling demonstration DVD. Download QuickTime  Note: These files are formated for QuickTime, if you do not have QuickTime on your system, please click on the big Q to download.


H2H Baby Sling Instruction Guide - click here - This is the guide that comes with every H2H baby sling. You can view it online OR print it to help with sling positioning. View the photos below and read the instructions to learn about the most common H2H baby sling carrying positions for newborns to toddlers.

Cradle Position - Cradle Photos
  1. Newborn: Hold your baby upright against your "unslung" shoulder.

  2. Use your other hand to pull the top edge of the fabric up to the back of the baby's head.

  3. Supporting baby's head and bottom, lean forward; transferring baby's weight onto the sling. Baby should be lying perpendicular (not parallel) to the side padding, feet touching your belly.

  4. Turn baby and sling towards the rings. The Heart to Heart baby sling can be tightened by pulling only the outer edge through the rings (snug baby's head in closer) or by simply pulling the tail.
Discreet Breastfeeding Positions - Breastfeeding Photos
  1. Lower the sling by lifting the bottom ring, keeping a supporting hand under the baby, to desired level. Fabric can be pulled up for privacy.

  2. Pull the whole sling forward to shift baby to the other breast. With practice, you can nurse while walking! This "football hold" is a comfortable carry position.

  3. Babies with good head control can also be breastfed in this upright position. Hold baby against you and tighten your Heart to Heart baby sling, ensuring fabric covers back of neck to back of knees. Young babies can keep legs tucked up. Tighten top edge for head support.

  4. Larger babies have more room for breastfeeding with their head facing away from the rings.
Putting a Sleeping Baby Down Position - Putting a Sleeping Baby Down Photos
  1. Babies often fall asleep in the comfort of the Heart to Heart baby sling. Loosen the sling by lifting bottom ring, support baby with your arm, lean over the bed and lay the baby down. Slip the sling over your head or undo the rings. Do not leave a sleeping baby unattended in the sling.
Facing Out Positions - Facing Out Photos
  1. Hold the top edge of the sling out to form a pouch. With baby's upper back against your chest, ease baby in bottom first. The inside edge of the sling should reach the back of baby's neck. Most babies' legs will naturally cross in front. Tighten the outside edge to keep baby’s feet higher that its bottom.

  2. Baby can be positioned to lean against your arm or toward the rings. Tighten the top edge so baby's legs stay above its bottom.
Side Hip Position - Side Hip Photos
  1. Hold baby as you naturally would on the hip. Cup the lower edge of the Heart to Heart baby sling under the baby's bottom to the back of the knees. Pull top edge up to support baby's back or neck.
Back Hip Position - Back Hip Photos
  1. Shift the baby and sling back from the hip position, swinging your arm over the baby and you're "hands free" in front. Be sure the top edge is pulled up to support baby's back. The bottom edge of the sling should be at the back of baby's knees.
Wearing Twins - Wearing Twins Photos
  1. In the early weeks, depending on their size, twins can share the same sling. Place one baby in the cradle position, and the other facing him on the other side of the pouch. Their legs will overlap in the middle. Or, you can wear two babies in the upright position- one over each breast. If you are doing this on your own – it is easier to lay the babies on the sling on a change table then lean over and make the tail adjustment. Using two slings offers a wider variety of positions, this mom likes to overlap the slings on the same shoulder while this dad feels more balanced with a sling on each shoulder.

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