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SIZING  – We have  4  Basic  Sizes
Correct sizing is important for your baby’s safety and your comfort. Start by choosing the basic sling size based on the primary care-giver. If there are two care-givers, then please see the adjustable details below.

                                           The 4 Basic Sizes



under 5’2” (1.55m)
under 120 lb. ( 54.5 kg )

5’3” to 6’ (1.83m)
120 - 180 lb. (55 - 81kg)




Extra Long

over 6’ (+1.83m)
180 – 250 lb. (81 - 113 kg )

over 5’ 10” (+1.83m)
250 lb. + (113 kg + )

*Petite - small-boned, slim or petite frame

There should be approximately 6” to 7” of the tail below the rings when using the sling.Sizing Diagram

If you are still unsure, measure yourself with a soft tape measure from the ball of one shoulder, across your chest to the top of your hip bone, and back up to your shoulder again.

If you measure UNDER 45inches (114cm) you need a PETITE.
If you measure BETWEEN 45 to 55 inches (115 - 140 cm) you would fit a REGULAR.
If you measure BETWEEN 50 to 60 inches (127- 152 cm) you would fit a LONG.
If you measure BETWEEN 55 to 70 inches (140 – 178 cm)you would fit an EXTRA LONG

There is an overlap in sizing, but the important thing is to choose a sling length as close to your measurement without going under it.

Adjustable Sizes
Ideally, you would have 2 slings, one that is the proper fit for each of you. It is a bit of a compromise, but we will make an Adjustable sized sling for those situations where one parent needs a sling size that is different than the other caregiver and both would like to use the same sling. If you are only 1 Basic Size apart, we can make the sizing for your sling “Adjustable” to fit both caregivers.
  1. The first one is the Regular adjustable size. We have been making this Petite size for many years and this sling is a Regular size but it has Petite siderails which are 3” shorter in batting than the Regular size. It is for couples who have one Regular size and one Petite size in the family.
  2. The second one is the Long adjustable size. This is our most common example of two caregivers where one parent needs a Long size and the other parent needs a Regular size, which is 1 basic size apart. In this case we will make a Long adjustable size baby sling. While being comfortable in length for the taller or bigger parent, it will have shorter batting in the side rails (3” shorter than the Long), to allow the other parent to fully adjust the baby sling to fit their smaller frame. In our experience Dads tend to use the upright positions more and do not miss the small amount of missing padding.

  3. The third one is the Extra Long adjustable size. We make the Extra Long sling with Long size side rails to accommodate both sized parents/caregivers.

If you need more help with which size to order you can tell us the height and weight measurements for the caregivers in the Comments section and we will help you choose the best size.

TWINS - Sizing for 2 babies

We recommend a sling fitted to each caregiver. Generally, depending on their size, twins can be carried together in one sling for the first 12 weeks. If you are in the upper half of your size category, we suggest going with the next size up if you plan on wearing both your twins in one sling. For example, if you are 5 foot 10 inches and 165 pounds, you would be more comfortable wearing 2 babies in a Long sling. (more…see Sling Positions -Twins




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