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H2H in Todays Parent - Pregnancy and Birth magazine PDF Print E-mail
November 2006 –   Look for the Article on “The top 10 items new parents should have” by Alison Wood in the November issue of Today’s Parent Pregnancy and Birth magazine. This is a follow up to the online blog results obtained by Toronto Star reporter Andrea Gordon.  Parents love their Heart to Heart baby sling and talk about all of the benefits of carrying their baby in a sling. 
Prenatal and Family Health Fair PDF Print E-mail
September 26, 2006 - Prenatal and Family Health Fair, Hamilton, Ontario was held during World Breastfeeding Week and the theme was “Code Watch: 25 Years of Protecting Breastfeeding” - Megan Lynch BScN, RN organized this event.
I attended the Fair with two local H2H distributors Attie Sandink and Lisa Borselino and spent almost the whole time demonstrating the H2H baby sling with pregnant women and new moms.
H2H New Look Website PDF Print E-mail
August 18, 2006 - Heart to Heart launches its new artistic Website Design with new Logo, baby sling Photos and Content.  The completely new Distributor Locator raises awareness about the availabilty of H2H baby slings in Canada, US and Europe to help customers find a H2H baby sling in their local area.
Toronto Star - Parenting blog PDF Print E-mail
July 15, 2006 - The Toronto Star family issues reporter, Andrea Gordon, blogs about the latest news, views and websites of interest to parents - expectant parents, experienced parents and the ones in between. Readers, including kids, grandparents and friends are asked to take part by adding their comments.  She asked Moms about their own Parents' Survival Kit. What would you put on the "must-have" list for baby's first year?   
The Heart to Heart baby sling came up as one of the Top Ten ‘must-haves’.
16th Annual Breastfeeding Conference PDF Print E-mail

June 3, 2006 - 16th Annual Breastfeeding Conference - Toronto, Ontario

The partnership between Infact Canada, Toronto Public Health, Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre hosted the conference based on the theme ‘Good Health for the Family’

Each year I like to attend the Breastfeeding Conference to meet many of the speakers and participants to share in the promotion of breastfeeding and discuss the latest in breastfeeding research.  It’s like “old home week” to see everyone again.



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