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Bev Hoefs

Do you have what people might call, a “fussy baby”? Does your baby have a “fussy” time each and every day during which nothing soothes? At the time (1986), I believed that my first born had to be the most fussy or “high need” baby in the history of mankind. Thankfully, I received help and support from La Leche League (L.L.L.) and Dr. William Sears’ book, “The Fussy Baby”.

At one of the L.L.L. meetings, I borrowed a copy of “The Continuum Concept” from their library. This book written by Jean Liedloff, with its comparison of “civilized” babies and Yequana Indian babies, touched me deeply. I learned of a baby’s need to be in physical contact with their mother throughout the day. This “in arms” phase as Liedloff calls it, results in little, if any crying and is accomplished by wearing the baby in a sling.

I sewed my first sling in 1988; moms noticed my content, comfortable baby and asked me to make them a sling. I learned with each one, and as each of our children was born, I improved the design and the quality of materials used in production. We then hired home sewers with industrial machines to keep up with demand. 

We now offer three styles of baby slings: our original fully padded style, a streamlined, lightly padded compact sling, and our unpadded heat wave sling.  All are fully adjustable with our secure double nylon ring fastening system. 

 We have been helping parents and babies stay “heart to heart” since 1989.

Our mission remains the same: “To enrich the lives of babies and their parents by increased body contact with a view to transforming future generations.”

View HeartBabySling Demonstration  (11.26 min.)  on YouTube available in English and French - Heart-Porte-bebe en bandoulier (10:00 min.)  

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God bless you.
Bev Smith-Hoefs 
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