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How do I get my baby to enjoy sling wearing? PDF Print E-mail
The easiest way to start acclimatizing your baby is with the Upright position. If you have your instruction guide handy, or the H2H website look at position G. To do this with your baby, hold him upright against your shoulder, just as you would when carrying him without the sling. Now, slip the sling over him from the back of his neck to the back of his knees and gradually tighten the sling to where it feels comfortable. Use the split in the tail to pull the top edge of fabric snugger so he won't be leaning back away from you. He should end up with his head on your upper chest and his knees under your breast. If you can do it while slowly walking, or outside, all the better. Simply lean your baby against your shoulder and slip the sling up behind him while walking forward and gradually let your arms relax, allowing the sling to support his weight. The younger baby is, the more you'll want to pull the top edge through the rings to support baby's head or upper back. You can practice this on a doll or stuffed animal first so that you're smoother with it when you try it with your baby. If you keep walking, your baby will be too busy looking around to notice you're putting the sling on and once the sling is tightened comfortably, you can let go and baby won't know the difference.
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