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Is it possible that the sling is too big for me? PDF Print E-mail

(I’m 5 feet tall) Or am I doing something wrong? I recently purchased a Regular Heart to Heart sling for my newborn daughter (she’s now a week old). I’m having a bit of a hard time with it, when I put her in and tighten the fabric almost as far as it will go her head is still very low. Otherwise, the sling seems to be perfect for my needs if only I can figure this one problem out !


There is a knack to putting a newborn in the sling utilizing the best means for support. The most important thing is to lay the baby across the width of the sling, rather than along its length. Once you have her lying across the width (her toes will be touching your belly-head facing straight out from you), turn her ( and the fabric under her) towards the rings. You can then pull one side of the tail through the rings to adjust her head up higher. If this doesn’t seem to work, you may need a smaller size. Being 5 feet, I would recommend a Petite, unless you have a larger frame. The Petite has the same length of fabric but has 3” less side rail padding, so you can adjust it further.
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